Feed the Animals!

At Texas Zoofari Park, you can observe and feed animals from your vehicle during the Safari Drive-Thru. When you return from Safari, you can then stretch your legs and enjoy feeding a variety of animals in the Village Walk-Thru.


Safari Drive-thru

Purchase Safari Buckets with your admission tickets or throughout the safari for $5/bucket to feed a wide variety of animals as you drive through 900 acres! From the iconic Texas Longhorns to Scottish Highland Cattle, from exotic Deer to massive Bison, from Zebras to Ostrich there’s always something fun to see, feed, and experience!

Village Farm Animal Feeding

Feed friendly farm animals when you purchase a village feed cup for $4.00. This experience is fun for all age groups!

Budgie Feeding

Surround yourself with hundreds of parakeets in the Budgie Adventure Aviary. The colorful birds will perch on your hand and feed from your seed stick. Available for purchase for $2.00 each in the Gift Shop!

Giraffe Feeding

Get up close to our tallest residents and even feel their tongues as they take romaine leaves from your palm. This feeding opportunity includes a souvenir cup to take home. Purchase romaine in the Gift Shop for $5.00/cup.