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Alabama Safari Park Welcomes Its Newest and
Slowest Residents to the Zoo

July 08, 2022
Alabama Safari Park is excited to welcome its newest, and its slowest, mammals to the zoo: Flash and Lima, two Linnaeus’s two-toed sloths.
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Gulf Breeze Zoo Welcomes
Its Newest Orangutan, Satu

July 07, 2022
The Gulf Breeze Zoo is excited to announce the recent birth of a male orangutan named Satu born on January 20 to mom, Sara, and dad, Louie.
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Virginia Safari Park Recognized by ZAA for Excellence in Breeding

July 05, 2022
Virginia Safari Park was recognized recently by the Zoological Association of America for its breakthrough in successful breeding of Ruppell's Griffon Vulture.
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Zoofari Parks, LLC, is excited to be expanding to the great state of Texas.”

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Texas Zoofari Park joins three other properties, located in Alabama, Florida, and Virginia, where you can interact with animals in a variety of ways.

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