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Texas Zoofari Park Welcomes Two Southern White Rhinos

June 01, 2023

Texas Zoofari Park Welcomes Two Southern White Rhinos

Texas Zoofari Park Rhino Habitat Now Open

Kaufman, Tx (May 25, 2023) - Texas Zoofari Park is excited to announce the opening of the rhino habitat with two five-year-old southern white rhinos. Since arriving earlier in the year, the pair have settled into their new home quite well. Guests to the Texas Zoofari Park can now view them in their custom-designed yard.

"Conservation is a significant part of the Texas Zoofari Park's mission, and we are proud to provide a beautiful home for them," said Jamie McMaster, Park Director. "White rhinos are facing severe issues with only an estimated total population of 16,000 currently in the world; we hope that guests will connect with our rhinos and be inspired to help conserve their counterparts in the wild."

The Texas Zoofari Park, a 900-acre safari park and preservation center, opened in Kaufman on March 24. The Park provides a natural habitat for more than 700 animals from around the globe allowing them to roam freely and act instinctively. The drive-thru safari features a winding 6-mile road where guests can feed a wide variety of deer and antelope species, ostriches and emus, camels, zebras, and bison, along with many other exotic free-roaming animals up close, without barriers.

Guests can also enjoy engaging walk-through exhibits, which include the Budgie Adventure Aviary and a delightful Giraffe exhibit where guests can get up close and personal while feeding numerous Reticulated Giraffes. A stop for a treasured souvenir at the Trading Post Gift Shop is also part of the guests’ memorable experience.

Texas Zoofari Park is currently in expansion mode, with new exhibits under construction, and programming is in development for exciting behind-the-scenes encounters.

Extended summer hours are here. The Texas Zoofari Park is now open daily from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. with the last car admitted at 4:30 p.m.